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Credit Identity Theft

 An identity Theft Public Service Resource Page
V. Jacobs :  e-Mail Identity Theft

V. Jacobs:  Identity Theft Articles & News

What is Phishing?

Phishing Scams Tutorial

Phishing Scams Reel in Your Identity

New York Times:  Aided by Internet, Identity Theft Soars

CNN National Fraud Center: Internet is driving identity theft

USA Today: Personal identity Theft on the Rise

Internet Resources

How Identity Theft Works

BBB On-Line Identity Theft Resources

Federal Trade Commission Resource for Identity Theft Credit Card and Identity Theft Resource Guide

Scambuster's I.D. Theft Resource Site

Identity Theft Victim's Guide

Identity Theft Crime Doctor

Identity Theft Prevention & Survival

Should You Get Identity Theft Insurance?

Identity Theft Insurance Isn't Insurance

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Identity Theft Portal

U.S. Department of Justice


Identity Theft Resource Center 

Social Security Online 

Tax Administration Problems Due to Identity Theft

Portable Device Security Tips

Expanded 1099 Rule Invites identity Theft

Medical Identity Theft Also Threatens Your Health

Identity Theft is Increasing

Most Free Credit Reports aren't Free

How to Avoid Losses from Social Media Hackers

Twitter Web Site was Breached Three Times Last Year

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