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An online resource and introduction to international e-commerce and related tax issues.

Global e-Commerce involves an assortment of technology issues, international trade issues and international taxation issues. This web site is a non-technical introduction to the complex and controversial alternative methods of implementing e-commerce and doing business on a global basis via the Internet. Implementation also requires tax compliance with multiple forms of taxation and with different rules in different jurisdictions.

I welcome links to articles on web sites that deal with the technology issues and with the international trade issues. I make no pretense at being an expert on the technology or international trade. My professional focus is on the taxation of international e-commerce. My services are available for mid-size businesses that can't afford a full time staff specialist in this subject and that prefer not to use the services of the "big five" international CPA firms.

Vernon K. Jacobs, CPA

Global E-commerce Technology & Trade

  • Global Trade via the Internet
  • Countries That Support E-commerce
  • Global E-Commerce Links
  • Offshore E-commerce Service Providers
  • Online Payment Systems
  • XML and e-Commerce
  • E-commerce Scams and Schemes
  • e-commerce Accounting
  • . E-commerce Marketing . E-commerce Investments

    International E-commerce Taxation

  • Introduction to e-Commerce Taxation
  • Introduction to Offshore Taxation
  • Sales & Use Taxes
  • Resident & Non-Resident Taxation
  • Value Added Taxes
  • US Tax Rules for Foreign Corporations & IBCs
  • Cross Border Income Taxes
  • Other International Tax Issues
    and Global e-Commerce news.

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